2023 EU-Latin America Convention on Raw Materials: Promoting EU – LATAM investments in sustainable raw materials value chains

22 May
24 May
Buenos Aires, Argentina

When? 22 - 24 May 2023 in "La Rural" Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 2023 edition of the EU-Latin America Convention on Raw Materials will take place in parallel with the International Argentine Trade Fair for the Mining Industry (Arminera) on 22 – 24 May 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the overarching theme: Promoting EU – LATAM investments in sustainable raw materials value chains. The Convention will bring together stakeholders along the whole raw materials value chain, from exploration and extraction to refining and recycling, as well as key downstream players decidedly contributing to the clean energy transition. It will include policymakers, industry, the private sector, and research and innovation actors from the EU and Latin America.

The Convention will promote and facilitate public-private dialogues on investment opportunities, policy design, and implementation to achieve a sustainable integration of EU – LATAM raw materials value chains. The Convention will hinge upon the sustainability values shared by the EU and Latin America, enhancing cooperation for the development of raw materials value chains for the clean energy transition and the industries that depend on them, such as e-mobility, renewable energies or digital technologies.

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