EurominesEuromines is the recognised representative of the European metals and minerals mining industry, which aims at promoting the industry and maintaining its relations with European  institutions  at  all  levels  by  providing  a  formal  platform  in  which  the members evaluate the impact of European and international policies and legislation on this industry and define common positions and actions. Euromines has a mixed membership of national mining associations, including machinery providers and service providers and the major European mining companies, some of whom have invested or are exploring in Latin-American countries.

Since its setup in 1996, Euromines has been involved in cooperation platforms between different European and worldwide mining authorities, industry, businesses (including SMEs), academia geological surveys and other relevant entities for the mining sector, in the fields of technology, consulting services, infrastructure, investment, trade, training and skills, health and safety, good governance and other relevant areas of the mining value chain (from exploration to mining rehabilitation and post closure).

Euromines has also an extensive experience in networking as well as organising conferences (e.g. EU presidency events, EU-Afghanistan conference on raw materials), workshops and other events.