30 May
31 May

Comminution 2019, which is an early meeting in what is planned to become a series, will necessarily be restricted to a limited range of topics, suffice it to write that it will be concerned with the breakage of coarse rocks and their progeny in SAG mills, of smaller pebbles in HPGRs, and of finer particles in vibrating and tumbling ball mills of various types.

Classification is regarded in Comminution 2019 as an extremely important part of fine grinding processes. It has been handled better by dry grinding engineers than by those concerned with wet grinding because circulating load can build quickly in dry grinding and can reduce productivity. .For example cement production engineers have built three generations of classifiers for cement circuits and the circulating loads have been reduced from a high to a low multiple. By contrast wet classification has progressed slowly, the main developments being the rake classifier more than 100 years ago and the hydrocyclone more than 50 years ago.

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