Future: Mine & Mineral

28 Jan
29 Jan

Why should I attend?

  • Complete exposure to top decision-makers from mining operators, exploration companies, to members of parliament
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities that will allow you to have vital face-to-face interaction with others working in the same industry
  • Get hands-on insight through key opinion-makers in the mining industry
  • Receive the very best business intelligence – we assure you that you will be in contact with today’s experts and pioneers from the mining and minerals industry

Who will be attending the conference?

  • Top decision-makers from the mining and minerals industry
  • Leading representatives, including director generals from the relevant authorities
  • Representatives from the financial community
  • Researchers and representatives from the academic community
  • Politicians, MPs and representatives from local districts and regions International representatives from the European Commission, embassies, NGO:s and many more