Technology, Equipment & Services

This section provides information on technology, equipment, services and infrastructure:

  • Identify stakeholders from the EU Member States and the Latin American countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay using the Partner finder tool and filtering by “Equipment/machinery”, “Exploration & mining services”, “Infrastructure provider”, “Mining companies’ association”, etc. 
  • Access to EU company profiles operating or investing in Latin America. This tool is available on the Members’ Area. Use the filters to look for those companies dealing with machinery, infrastructure, etc.
  • Get an overview of the EU- Latin America business & cooperation actions in all services related to the extractive industries life cycle to understand existing linkages, active organizations and fields of interest.
  • Identify relevant funding instruments in the EU, Latin America or from international organizations to support your endeavors.
  • The Library on the Members’ Area contains reports, studies and other relevant documents on this topic. Have a look at “Cooperation and trade” folder (i.e. the analysis on cooperation and trade between the EU, EU Member States and Latin American countries), the “METS2018” and “Innovative Technologies in Mining” folders, among others.