Projekt - Consult GmbH

 Projekt - Consult GmbHProjekt-Consult GmbH is a specialised German-based consultancy company working in the field of international cooperation in the mining sector. Since 1979, Projekt- Consult has gained diverse experience in its core business areas resource governance, strategic advice on sustainable resource policies as well as responsible mineral extraction. In 2014, Projekt-Consult has become a member of GFA Consulting Group GmbH – one of the leading European consulting companies for implementing development cooperation programs.

Projekt-Consult’s services encompass technical solutions, capacity building and strategic advice on issues such as mining governance, transparency or technical, environmental and social dimensions of resource extraction. Supporting ministries of mines and environmental institutions on supraregional and national level is among the main work areas of Projekt-Consult. Its extensive experience in backstopping, project management, and project implementation allows staff members to carry out a broad spectrum of special tasks and develop tailor-made solutions for clients’ demands. The multidisciplinary staff includes mining engineers, geologists, mineralogists, geographers and economists. To date, Projekt-Consult has worked in more than 70 countries. Among these are many Latin American mining countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. Projekt-Consult has participated in over 100 international development projects and studies in the area of responsible mineral extraction and strategic advisory, predominately as consortium leader.

Expert and Team Leader

Eduardo Alfonso Chaparro Avila

 Projekt - Consult GmbHMr. Chaparro is a highly qualified senior expert with 40 years of work experience in mining and geology, linked to the industry since 1974. He has worked in the fields of exploration, reservoir evaluation, quality control, mining health and safety, management and project management, risk analysis, tax and legal analysis, investment promotion and formulation of community development projects. Mr Chaparro has also profound experience in the design and implementation of mining and mineral investment policies.
He has a large professional network among the leading actors in industry, international organizations, academia and the public sector.
He has published over twenty widely acknowledged books and articles related to the Latin American mining industry.

For this platform Mr. Chaparro, as Team leader, will be coordinating the Webmaster Core Team.